The Shakespeare Guide to Italy 1/3 | Stampa |


In this video Marianna Iannaccone explains the relationship between William Shakespeare and Italy, analysing the book written by Richard Paul Roe "The Shakespeare Guide to Italy" in which Roe  demonstrates that the ‘imaginary’ settings for the ten Italian plays of Shakespeare have presented both specific, and strikingly accurate, details about that country. For the last 500 years, nearly all of the playwright’s descriptions of Italy’s places  and treasures have either gone unrecognised as being true, or have been dismissed as mistaken. John Florio provides the venues that Shakespeare employs in his representations of Italy thereby rendering superfluous any mere physical journey to the peninsula. Shakespeare’s explorations of Italy, its language and culture begin and end within the confines of Florio’s texts. Michelangelo Florio was the source of John’s knowledge of Italy, its customs and traditions.