Martedì 16 Luglio 2024
Michelangelo Florio’s incarceration and Hamlet’s Danish “prison”: ideas for a study PDF  | Stampa |

"Massimo Oro Nobili outlines some ideas for a research, which correlates the situation of Michelangelo to that of Hamlet: 1) Michelangelo Florio’s incarceration in Tor di Nona, in Rome (with the torments and anguishes of a person accused of heresy, also due to the length of the Inquisition trial, to the delay of justice, which Hamlet also complains about, in his monologue, when he complains about “law’s delay”); 2) and Hamlet’s Danish “prison” (the Dramatist defines Denmark, where the action of drama takes place, not as an abstract entity, but as a real “prison”, architecturally structured in “many confines, wards, and dungeons”).

Michelangelo Florio's incarceration (278.46 kB)