Martedì 28 Novembre 2023
Shakespeare&Florio: friendship with Giordano Bruno PDF  | Stampa |

In this video Marianna Iannaccone explains the relationship between Giordano Bruno and William Shakespeare, analysing Bruno’s life and works he published at the French Embassy in London between 1583 and 1585, Shakespeare's work 'Hamlet', and the cryptic, intriguing poem he published in 1601, one year after Bruno’s death: “The Turtle and The Phoenix”. After many years in which Bruno’s name has sadly disappeared in Shakespeare critics books, it’s time to acknowledge his importance for Shakespeare’s works and life. Ultimately, John Florio, friend of both Giordano Bruno and William Shakespeare, is the name that links the English writer with the Italian philosopher, and the key that gave William Shakespeare the access to Giordano Bruno’s works.