Martedì 16 Luglio 2024
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The institute's mission is to give information about Michelangelo Florio and his son Giovanni, best known as John Florio.

There are relevant facts that should be known by students and reserchers of English reinassance literature about Florio, Father and son, in other to have a better understanding of what Shakespeare is.

In fact Istituto Studi Floriani (ISF from now on) belives that Michelangelo and John Florio's works are fundamental in tracking those events that lead to draw a better picture of William Shakespeare.

The researches of Oxford University that lately certify Shakespeare as a collaborative playwright, mainly with Marlowe - and Thomas Nashe according to ISF's studies - in Henry the VI, gives right to ISF to introduce its studies about the authorship of Shakespeare's works since ISF has always presented William Shakespeare not as a person but as a collaboration between diverse writers.

Anyway ISF indicates in John Florio the final organized and writer who prepared the works that bear William Shakespeare's names .

To cut a long story short, here we will give a very syntethic path of ISF's studies on John Florio and Shakespeare.

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